domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010

"And I'm tired of waiting. I'm waiting here in line. I'm hoping that I'll find, What I've been chasing.
So why do I try?
I know I'm gonna fall down.
I'm not ready to let go, Cause then I'd never know, What I could be missing.
But I'm missing way too much, So when do I give up
What I've been wishing for?
And I don't wanna hear that sound
Of losing what I never found.
I'll never know why
Its coming down..."

É tão linda... Diz-me tanto. +.+

3 comentários:

Carla disse...

Esta música é mesmo linda.Adoro. :)

Danii disse...

De nada meu bem :)

Cris disse...

Meeeeesmo linda. :D